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Professional pet portraits by Canadian artist Gail MacGregor


The Pet Portrait Artist – Photorealistic Pet Portraiture
Gail MacGregor portraiture truly comes to life - watch the video of a hand-painted pet portrait from start to finish. Canadian Pet Artist specializes in photo-realistic pastel portraits of your favourite pet or loved one.

Canadian Pet Portrait Artist Gail MacGregor – it’s all about the love
Read about this Ottawa-based Artist and her deep love for animals. Watch Gail’s CJOH TV Interview and her talent for capturing the soul of her subjects.

Gail MacGregor Pet Portraiture - How I create your Pet Portrait
Follow the Art Process from start to finish - The Pet Portrait Artist takes you into her studio and shows you step-by-step how she creates a photo-realistic portrait of your pet.

Gail MacGregor realistic pet portraits – it all begins with a good photograph
Your photorealistic pet portrait begins with a good photograph. Follow a few simple tips for taking a good photograph of your pet - the Artist will do the rest!

The Pet Portrait Artist - Dog Portrait Art Gallery
Visit The Pet Portrait’s Dog Galleries to view Gail MacGregor’s photorealistic Fine Art for dogs. The Pet Portrait Artist brings the memory of your pet to life.

The Pet Portrait Artist - Dog Portrait Art Gallery 2
Visit Gail MacGregor’s online Art Gallery to see more examples of her Fine Art pastel pet portraits – this Canadian Fine Artist brings your favourite pet’s portrait to life.

The Pet Portrait Artist - Dog Portrait Art Gallery 3
Visit The Dog Gallery to see more samples of The Pet Portrait’s photorealistic artwork and the many different types of dog breeds she has painted.

Canadian Artist Gail MacGregor original animal art – view Animal Gallery
Visit The Pet Artist’s Other Animals Gallery for samples of the artist’s cat and equine portraits. This Canadian Artist has a deep love for all animals that is obvious in the quality of her artwork.

Wolves Art Gallery – Canadian Wildlife Artist
The Pet Portrait Artist - visit the Wolf Gallery to view some of the wolf art painted by renowned Canadian pet portrait artist Gail MacGregor and read about her love for wolves.

The Portrait Artist Gail MacGregor - People Portraits Gallery 1
In her desire to be a well-rounded artist, Gail also commissions people portrait work, weddings and couples portraits. People Portrait Gallery - page 1 - shows some of the fine people portraiture work by Gail MacGregor.

The Portrait Artist Gail MacGregor - People Portraits Gallery 2
Renowned for her photorealistic pastel pet portraiture, this Ottawa-based Canadian Artist also paints people portraits – view more samples of her Fine Art Portrait work.

Other Artwork Gallery – Inspiration to Paint: True Art is for the Soul
Gail MacGregor’s Art Gallery samples some other inspirational Artwork from this well-known Canadian Pet Portrait Artist – promotional materials, scenics, wolves, and her own pets.

Gail MacGregor Pet Portrait Artist– Testimonials
Read testimonials from Gail’s many satisfied clients about her portrait work. This Canadian Pet Portrait Artist’s many portraits include a Special Tribute to a little dog named Theo.

How to Order a Portrait from the Pet Portrait Artist
Order your Pet Portrait, Family Portrait and matching Art Cards by Canadian Artist Gail MacGregor. Online Price List, Paypal payments and Gift Certificates now also available

The Pet Portrait Artist – Contact information
Contact Gail MacGregor Portrait Artist here to order a Pet or Family Portrait, Gift Certificates and Art Cards, or for more information on prices and having a personalized portrait painted.

The Pet Portrait Artist – Links page
The Pet Portrait Artist links to quality Art Associations, pet-related websites and other business associates. Want to link us to your website? Please contact the Artist.

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Map for The Pet Portrait Artist website – to meet Canadian Pet Portrait Artist Gail MacGregor, to visit her working Studio, to view her ArtworkGalleries, and order pet portraits online.