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Professional pet portraits by Canadian artist Gail MacGregor

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After you have hung your
new masterpiece on the wall ...
you may want to share it with
your family and friends.

You can now order a set of
matching art cards of
your new pet portrait,
signed by the Artist.

signed by the artist
$42.00 for 10 cards
includes envelopes
(plus shipping)

To order your
please contact
the Artist HERE.

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each time we embrace a memory, we meet again with those we love, for the heart never forgets


Picking your favourite photograph of your pet is the first step in creating your pet portrait. I also require other pictures for reference. Sometimes the photo of your choice is not always the best picture for me to use. For more information on this, please go to my PHOTO TIPS page. Once we have agreed on the picture then we'll have to establish what size is desired, what completion date we are looking at and any framing and delivery requirements.

Framing is negotiable. Some of my clients prefer to frame their own portraits while others prefer that I frame it. If a client prefers to frame their own painting then I will include framing instructions for them. I also offer a choice of delivery methods.

When all of the above is established, I require a downpayment and the remainder is due upon completion of your portrait. When your portrait is finished, I send my clients a picture through e-mail, regular mail or we can make an appointment to see me. When you critique your portrait I expect you to let me know if there are any changes needed. My aim is to make sure you are pleased with my work. Once I have completed any changes, the final payment is due. Delivery and framing costs will be due prior to me sending your painting to you.


*Prices do not include Framing or Shipping charges.

SIZES Head & Shoulders Head & Shoulders/Chest Full Body
8 x 12 $ 400 N/A N/A
10 x 14 $ 600 $ 825 $ 875
12 x 18 $ 800 $ 875 $ 950


After we have confirmed the portrait size you want, a down payment of half the commission price is due before I begin work on your portrait. Payment can be made by cheque or cash. I now also offer my clients the convenience of secure online Credit Card payment through Paypal. When you are ready to proceed please let me know your preferred method of payment.

Please Contact me before making online payments.

When you are ready to make your online payment please proceed.


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