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Professional pet portraits by Canadian artist Gail MacGregor

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Please visit
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*Disclaimer: All credit for the original
artwork goes to the original artist
whenever possible. I will remove any
copyrighted work if requested to
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I am always grateful for the inspiration that comes to me from fellow artists, be they painters or photographers. woman's eyes

Other Artwork


My inspiration to paint comes from many places and for many different subjects and styles. I enjoy the challenge of expanding my horizons as an artist. My goal is to follow my inspirations, develop my skills, and also to honour the work of other great artists’ eye for capturing the moment and the heart whether they are painters or photographers.

Some of the work on this page shows the development of myself as an artist through the work of others along with my own photographs and imagination. I am always grateful for the inspiration that comes to me from fellow artists.

portrait This famous portrait of a young Afghani woman taken by Steve McCurry graced the cover of 1985 National Geograhic magazine. I, like many other artists, was intrigued by the intensity of her stare and wanted to paint her.

National Geographic portrait
Many years later, the same
woman’s portrait was captured
and published again and I felt
compelled to honour the life she
has led all of these years. To this
day, her portraits, both young
and old, reach deep into every
woman’s soul.

wolves howling Although I specialize in dog portraiture, I have a special attraction to the wolf. I have spent much time painting wolves, and am always drawn to paint them over and over again - they are such magnificent animals and their beauty is one of wonder for me. Perhaps it is also because they are so closely related to dogs and represent the wild side of the animals I share my life with. When I walk my dogs in the woods it puts me more in touch with the wonders of nature. I can also feel the close connection my dogs have with their cousin the wolf.

wolfwolf pup

scotty dog
Promotional materials is another avenue that is full of inspiration. Mostly, it is the client who is inspired to contact an artist to use their services for their company promotional materials: logos, business cards and letterhead. This is mostly an untapped market by many artists but can give your business a very friendly and personal touch, as did this portrait of a Scottish Terrier for MacTavish Kennels Inc. In this case, the client knew what they wanted and I was able to pull together this image of a Scottish Terrier for branding the look they wanted for their kennel business.

boat Lately, I have been inspired to paint landscapes and try my hand at something other than animal portraits. I chose this photograph of the "Canoe Sunset" taken by Rolf Hickeras as it spoke to me and my sense of awe with nature.