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Dear Gail
I would very much appreciate you lending me the negative you have of the beautiful portrait you did of Buster. Its my wish to use it in advertising and would be happy to promote you as the artist who did the portrait. In fact if you have any business cards Iíd be happy to give one to anyone inquring about you. You do have a special talent, and have caught my dog beautifully, right down to the familiar twinkle in his eye. For any displays you use his picture in - please feel free to use his name (C. Arkansas Autograph). Thanks for the consideration and the portrayal of Buster.
Sincerely Patti Nazarho


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This page is dedicated to all the heartwarming 
subjects I have had the pleasure of meeting theo eyes


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients. This page is dedicated to the memory of all my subjects, with a special tribute to a little dog named Theo. This is his story:

"I met Gail MacGregor by phone about 8 years ago. It was then that I was trying to accept and deal with the loss of my little dog, ‘Theo’. My companion and best friend for 13 years. I missed him very much and it was difficult just talking about him.

One Sunday evening I was watching ‘Regional Contact’ an Ottawa TV show that showcases local people and places and their unique talents. It showed Gail and some of the portraits she had done. I thought ‘could she do a portrait of Theo’?

I was very nervous about calling her but it didn't take long after her greeting that I felt comfortable and at ease. She said she was not sure if she could but would I send a photo of Theo. Problem was I only had photos of Theo which really never showed his face clearly. After receiving what I did send, Gail called me. Could I tell her his breed and would I describe him and his personality as the photos were inadequate. That was not difficult. Between tears and joy I talked of his temperament, his kinkie ear, his pug nose and his big beautiful eyes. All I remembered about him. Gail said she would try her best to recreate Theo.

I could go on endlessly complimenting Gail for her ‘God Given Talent’, her compassion, her personality and being true to her word. I wanted a portrait of Theo so I would never forget what he looked like. When I opened the parcel containing Theo's portrait it was unbelievable. It was as if I had never lost him. Thanks to Gail MacGregor I will always have Theo in my memories. Thank you Gail."

Irene J. & Buffy

clients Hi Gail

The portrait looks great! I am really pleased with the portrait. Iím very glad I went with the overlay. Everyone who has seen the portrait is very impressed. Gail - you did a terrific job. This is something I will treasure forever!

paddy Dear Gail

After our conversation I showed Paddy his picture. He made a liar out of me - he actually frowned at it! He looked again and seemed to appreciate what he saw. Thank you very much and thank you for your efforts to make him look softer. Good wishes for your continued success.

We love our pastels and take great pride in showing them off to family and friends who come to visit.
Thanks again!

black lab Friendship is a wonderful thing. It happens when you least expect it, but only if you keep an open heart to let it in. I consider myself very lucky to have met you, not only for your tremendous artistic abilities, but also because of the beautiful person you are. Keep smiling! Love, your friends
Janet & Spencer

man and dog Dear Gail

Just some words to tell you how happy I am about your fantastic work! All my friends, my framer, my wife, my children and me are absolutely speechless about the natural of this portrait. Be sure that I will keep it in a visible place for the rest of my life. Everybody tells me that you are an incredible artist. Thanks again for that beautiful work. Take care and we hope to see you again.
Andre Gilbert

3 girls Gail

The portrait was shipped and arrived safely in Minneapolis. As you know both Alberta and I were really happy with the picture. The kids (25th year anniversary) were overjoyed. So you should be really pleased with yourself. As well as your artistic works I want to thank you for your efforts on the framing and shipping. For Alberta and I our most sincerest thanks.
Ron Found

molson We have your artwork very visibly displayed in our house - with many compliments on it all the time. You captured Molsonís spirit. Molson was put to sleep on November 11, he was very ill with Lymphoma cancer. He had that sparkle in his eyes til the end though. And your depiction of him allows us to see that everyday! Thanks!!!!
Carl & Stephanie Elliott & Company

westindies Dear Gail

Thanks again for all the trouble youíve taken with our portrait! This is one job you wonít soon forget. Enclosed is a treat for each of your ďFur BabiesĒ - enjoy!
Laureen Osborne & Rick Grumbs